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Teen Fashion Inspiration

Remember that awkward stage growing up when you hit 15 and didn’t really know where to fit in? You didn’t really fit in the kids department yet and some of the trends for the fashionistas in their 20’s were a bit to adult for you! Not to mention – it didn’t fit!


Fast forward to present day and there and no shortage of options of great clothes to wear.Continue reading
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App-solutely Stylish!

Now that fashion has embraced the digital scene it’s THAT much easier for fashionistas to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and blog about it.
Whether you are Instagramming your latest look or Tweeting the latest fashion trends, the fashion community has definitely been more accessible now that these digital platforms are around!
Fashisn app 2
If you are always busy and on the go check out these apps that will keep you in-the know!
What are some of your favourite fashion apps?