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Tip Top Nails South Africa

Prior to receiving such a great package from Tip Top, I was aware that they are one of the most well-known brands when it comes to anything nail related – from nail art to base coats, they have got you covered with their extensive range of nail polishes and products.

I was extremely excited to try out the 8 products they had sent to me.

What did I receive?


An all-in-one base coat (with a beige tint)

Nail Chic – Flamenco Pink [979]

Nail Chic – Red Rendezvous [972]

Nail Chic – Solar Flare [959]

Nail Chic – Beach Babe [916]

U Crack Me Up – black crackle base coat

U Crack Me Up – silver crackle base coat

I Luv Denim – duo coat of denim-like shades


There’s no disputing it, Tip Top is known for their quality and I can see why. Their nail polishes do not need multiple coats and this lends tself to the fact that it dries very quickly – something we all welcome.  Most nail polishes tend to be a few shades lighter than what

you actually see in the bottle, but yet again I was pleasantly surprised that even one coat was enough to display the polish’s rich colour.

The All-In-One base coat has a slight beige tint to it which I liked in comparison to a clear varnish, because painting a coat over your nails gives it a nude look too – it doubles up as a soft coffee coloured polish.  The packaging said that this base coats strengthens your nails which a lot of another varnishes tend to promise to do, too but in actual fact do not. Guess what? This does strengthen your nails. When I removed the polish off of my nails a few days later I felt that my nails felt a lot stronger and had a healthy look to them.






What surprised me was that the Solar Flare and Beach Babe shades ended up being quite matte when I applied a few coats to my nails. It just baffled me because through the bottle one would think a high gloss shine to come off of it. Not to worry, by applying a top coat you are able to give the appearance of glossy, shiny nails – so in a way you get the best of both worlds; matte nails or glossy nails.

The Flamenco Pink nail polish was a favourite: it went on well in one coat, it was pink, glossy and sparkly – can one ask for more perfection? I think not. Having tried a number of different pink shades across a number of brands, I think this shade of pink is my number one favourite.

The pink went well with the duo colours of denim-themed polishes from the I Luv Denim collection – these polishes were nice and glittery which actually goes well with a simple tshirt and jeans look.

Lastly, every single person I know of has been talking about crackle nail polish – the magical polish that separates when applied to nails to give a grungy, ‘cracked up’ look. The trick with the crackle nail polish from Tip Top is to make certain to dab some off on one end because it tends to get thick and give off a very blob like crackle.

Well, this really is no fault of Tip Top but rather the individual applying the polish, but I’m just letting you know what I discovered.

With that said, the crackle effect is absolutely amazing and a very daring look – not for every personality. It looks great when you use two colours on your nails and place the crackle over. The funny thing is that the crackle kind of looks like a cheetah spot design in some


Thanks so much to the ladies at Tip Top for sending me these fun

shades to try out and tell everyone about! Each bottle is worth all

the money you pay for it.

Other styles to try:

Leopard Print













in Beauty

Rubybox Review

If you are passionate about beauty products like Rozziki, then you will definitely love Rubybox.  Rubybox has come up with a concept of trying beauty  products before buying them. Sounds easy? Absolutely!


Having the Rubybox delivered to my door was exciting but even more so was  trying out the trial size luxury brands. The package was beautiful as I had expected. The sample size fragrance and beauty products was sufficient enough to try out without having to pay for the full size product.

If you have not heard about Rubybox as yet , you are not alone.However there are many women who have tried Rubybox , loved it and anxiously await delivery to their homes.


Rubybox delivers the best luxury products and expert insider advice, without any fuss. Every month, rubybox members will receive a beautiful, bespoke box containing luxury, trial-size samples that span across beauty categories. Some will be the perfect handbag companion for night out while others will slip seamlessly into your routine.






The Rubybox

For only R100 a month, you’ll receive a gorgeous box containing luxury trial-size beauty samples (worth over R300 ) delivered straight to your door so you can try them out in the comfort of your home. You can look forward to trying fragrances  and beauty products from well known luxury brands like  Bvlgari, Black Up , Smashbox, Decléor, Elizabeth Arden  and many more.

Once you’ve found a product you love, you can purchase full-size versions directly from Rubybox Boutique. Any orders you make will be delivered straight to your door within two working days. Plus, every purchase earns you rubypoints, which you can put towards more fantastic products or your next rubybox.










Like what you tried?

Review it on and you can earn rubypoints which are real rubyRands that you can then redeem against your next rubybox. Here’s to never again falling for another beauty blowout.

Like what you’re hearing?

Sign up at today, fill out your beauty profile (so we can send you the best products for your needs) and look forward to receiving your rubybox filled with beauty treats every month.

For more expert beauty tips follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @rubybox_beauty.

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