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Optiphi – Summer Travel

Are you ready for your travels?

Summer holidays are almost upon us and with any luck some of us will be away for some sun, sea and leisure! Some extra lucky few will be heading internationally and of course that means airports, airport security and travel restrictions. Never fear though, OPTIPHI has their award winning 2in1 range to save the day.

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The Concept

The concept is simple. Create a dual pump OPTIPHI product range that will allow you to travel comfortably anywhere in the world with your favourite homecare range. So that’s what we did. And we created three essential ranges.

• (Moisturize) Facial Cleanser and Moisture Control Light

• (Protect) Facial Cleanser and Protecting Revitalizer

• (Brighten) Facial Cleanser and Complexion Control

The cleanser is constant as this forms part of every daily regime. And besides, who would turn down a ph. neutral, soap free cleanser that deep cleanses and removes impurities from you skin without disturbing the barrier integrity. It also desensitizes the skin to irritation and provides light exfoliation.

Moisturize with Moisture Control Light

You should always make sure that your skin remains moisturized no matter the season. It should be a daily habit, all year long. Summer might trick you into thinking that you do not need to apply moisturizer but the heat from the sun and the contact with sea water will cause your skin to get dehydrated. And we all know how skin dehydration is a main contributing factor in skin ageing.


Protect your skin with Protecting Revitalizer

During the summer holidays, you will most probably be exposing yourself to the sun in one way or another. We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your skin with the right products.

The Protect 2 in 1 is ideal in that it will help you against the effect of the sunrays on your skin. Protecting Revitalizing cream contains heat-activated active that shields the skin and potentiates the self-protective capabilities of the skin – thus fighting the signs of photo-aging


Brighten your skin with Complexion Control

Improve pigmentation and boost collagen with OPTIPHI’s Complexion Control. The Even Complexion & Brightening Therapy is the ideal product if you happen to suffer from hyperpigmentation – caused by sun as well as environmental factors. Or if your skin needs a radiance booster to face then New Year? Don’t look further. We have the answer for all your holiday needs. This OPTIPHI 2in1 range did not win the Fairlady “Best of Beauty” without merit, so don’t be shy, go get yours now. Better yet, ask for it in your Christmas stocking this year.

‘A multi-tasking, two-in-one skincare product that leaves my skin feeling hydrated. And it fits into my travel bag with ease. Genius!’

Kelli Clifton | Fairlady

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Sans Soucis stunning make-up range!

Sans Soucis stunning make-up range!

san soucis

·        Sans Soucis Mascara, R189.00

·        Brush for Powder Rouge, R39.00

·        Brilliant Shine Lipglosses, R138.00

·        Longlast Eye Definter Waterproof, R132.00

·        Eyebrow Pencil, R126.00


Stockist details: or (011) 327-3440

About Sans Soucis Cosmetics

“Sans Soucis” – a name that in Europe evokes two associations: the favourite palace of Frederick the Great in Potsdam, and the great cosmetic brand.

In 1939, company founder Walter Friedmann opened his first beauty salon not far from the Sans Soucis palace in Potsdam. Here he developed cosmetic products which gradually won worldwide acclaim.

His clear commitment: the development of innovative beauty products with a close-to-nature core.

In 1945, the famous regenerating thermal spring waters of Baden-Baden led the company founder to relocate company headquarters to Bühl, Baden. In 1962 the company ultimately moved to Baden-Baden, where it is still based today. Product development, production, research and marketing are all conducted from these premises. Walter Friedmann died in 1970, and his wife Maria Augustin took charge of the company. The company became known as Fribad Cosmetics Group, and remained a family enterprise until 2008. The Kolonna Group under Mrs Ieva Plaude purchased the company early in 2008.

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In November, HairCair Distributors will be launching their new FHI Heat Glamour Range – 1” Ceramic Round Textured Curling Rod and the Ceramic Round Textured Curling Cone ½” – 1”.

Available from November for R1850.00 from Foschini and select stores.

glam 1


The FHI Heat Glamour has:


  • Textured barrel uses a diamond-shaped pattern that allows the hair to lightly grip the barrel and prevents it from cliding
  • It created glamourous waves, alluring curles and beautiful textures in half the time
  • Digital Temperature Control for variable settings from 100 – 210 degrees.
  • Scratch resistant ceramic barrel infused with Tourmaline to produce high amounts of negative ions to seal in vital moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and help eliminate static
  • Exclusive Proprietary Nano-Fuzeion Technology, Gentle Far Infrared Heat, and low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) prevents damage to the hair to product unmatched conditioning and shine
  • Ergonomically designed with a professtional 9ft swivel cord that includes a self-gripping closure
  • 2 year warranty



In 2003, FHI Heat partnered with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional ceramic flat irons to create the “FHI Heat” brand or flat irons. Working with the top engineers and researchers, FHI Heat has invested millions in R&D to pioneer the most advanced technologies in thermal styling tools. FHI Heat quickly developed a reputation for creating styling irons which provide industry leading performance while delivering healthy heat for the hair.

Over the past several years, FHI Heat has expanded into a full array of heat styling appliances, including several lines of flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons and curling rods, as well as accessories such as clips, carbon combs, and brushes. In the summer of 2011, FHI Heat launched a complete line of high-end Japanese steel shears. FHI Heat’s commitment to the stylist has extended beyond providing great products; the goal is to also provide world-class education and motivation, thereby empowering stylists with all the tools necessary to reveal their creativity.

Glamour ConeGlamour Cone

Glamour RodGlamour Rod