This year spring fashion is all about floral patterns as we have seen on the Spring 2015 runways.



Some of us are very good at styling our wardrobes and shopping for the seasons ahead whilst others do need some help.

I have always looked to Pinterest for fashion inspiration and there are loads of fashionistas on Pinterest that are great at so effortlessly putting the outfits together and looking like a million bucks and sharing those pins for some fashion inspiration

If you are not so sure about how to wear florals or are not brave enough to sport the look how about adding it to your wardrobe as a pop of colour by using it to accessorize like a pair of pumps, a belt , a bag or even a headband.
Below are some pics sourced from Pinterest to give you some inspiration.


floral 2


floral 3


floral 4


floral 5


floral 6


floral 7


pics : sourced from Pinterest