After months of waiting and an unexpected postponement , the day of departure has finally arrived.There is so much of nervous excitement and eager anticipation all rolled into one.

travel 1

I will be flying up to Johannesburg, then onto Hong Kong where we will take a connecting flight to Beijing.

After a few days in Beijing we will fly out to Xian where will spend a few days and from there fly out to Shanghai for a few days and the last leg of our trip. I have done a lot of research about China, the culture and weather and cannot wait to immerse myself into the adventure and first time experience of this beautiful country.

As I have done previously,I will do a few posts on my holiday , dedicating a post each for the three cities as well as a separate post on the food and interesting purchases along the way.

I do hope to inspire you to travel and collect beautiful memories!

slow lounge

Slow lounge,OR Tambo Airport


china weather


The average daily temperature in Beijing