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How to get Long Natural Eye Lashes

The window to a person’s soul is their eyes, so it makes sense to want to make certain that they look amazing. Many people long for luscious eye lashes with volume and length. Did you know that it’s easy to achieve a fuller lash look without lash extensions or falsies? We show you how to enhance your natural eyelashes.


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in Beauty

Get The Great Gatsby Look With Essence


Hands up if you have watched the remake of the Great Gatsby. We can bet that most of you studied the original novel in high school and fell in love with the magnificence of that era – the grand lifestyle and fashion. Well, now you can inspire your day or night look with new Frame for Fame false lashes from Essence that will make you look and feel like one of the lovely Gatsby ladies.

The false lashes come in three different styles give your eyes the wow-factor they deserve! Whether you go for the special effect lashes for dramatic volume, the silver eyeliner effect for a glamorous look or individual short and medium length lashes for a natural effect – any look is possible! The false lashes are comfortable to wear and have reliable staying power. One set contains either one pair of lashes or 40 individual lashes as well as a tube of eyelash glue. R34.95

Essence is available in Clicks and Dis-Chem.


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