I came across SOIL and was rather intrigued by the name. On visiting their website I was rather impressed with their organic aromatherapy and skincare products. I was excited to review some of their products.

Who is SOIL:

SOiL is a South African company producing certified organic Aromatherapy and Bodycare products locally. We supplied SA’s first range of certified organic aromatherapy products and we are continually adding to our range so keep a lookout!

SOiL‘s range of certified organic body care products. Combine the therapeutic qualities of organic essential oils with ingredients sourced from community initiatives in Africa which creates a truly eco-ethical product range. A modern take on African shweshwe designs gives the packaging an Afro-chic feel.

I received two of Soil‘s products to review and was certainly impressed with their modern afro-chic packaging.

The best way to review the coconut bathsalts was to slip into a hot bath and allow the my senses to be uplifted with the luxurious fragrance and essential oils . It was even better to light up the soy wax candle and enjoy the experience. I stepped out the bath feeling revived and my skin supple and nourished. Soil has certainly become one of my favourite brands.




For more info on Soil and their exciting range please visit their website : http://www.soil.co.za/site/default.asp